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  Visualizing Hidden InformationAddressing the Challenges Associated with Integrating OEM Equipment into Production and Plant Operations  

Complimentary Webinar

for plant, operation, and IT managers in food, beverage and CPG companies with limited budgets

Originally Webcast Tuesday, November 15, 2011- still available!

There are many challenges associated with integrating original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment into the production line and plant operations. While data visualization is never easy, displaying meaningful data to the line operator from OEM equipment often presents unique challenges.

This presentation will point to available options for dealing with OEM machines and discuss the wealth of hidden information waiting to be exposed.

Eric Allen, Senior Technical Manager, at a leading national food company will discuss:

  • A specific example of how one piece of equipment was delivered with minimal features to meet procurement specifications
  • How machine obscurity due to lack of features and cost cutting influences operations, start-ups, trouble shooting, and continual improvement
  • Easy ways to capture and display production information, stops, stop causes, and rates
  • How graphics can make sense of cryptic numerical settings. If your high-end technical resources spend too much time solving “simple” problems, this real-world example will give you some great ideas

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Eric AllenEric Allen, Senior Technical Manager, Leading National Food Company
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 If you missed the original webinar broadcast, you can view it later at the link above at any time with full narration.

You can also view the presentation as a SlideShare without sound or narration below.


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