Welcome to Data Driven Manufacturing!

by Eric Allen

Data Driven Manufacturing is the organizational process of using quantifiable numeric measurements of performance, along with qualitative factory floor observation to prioritize and resolve problems in a systemic method, delivering continuously improving world-class results.

This site is dedicated to the collection, reporting, and analysis of data used to drive improved results in the manufacturing sector.

This site has several articles for you to learn more on topics including:

The Machine Cycle Chart
Logic for First Out Stops
Powerpoint Movies
The Trap Timer- the easy way to measure events in intermittent motion

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Check back for future enhancements! This site is a work in progress.

Here are some future topics I plan to cover. If you have a request, add it in a comment below or email me at

Future Topics
Stops and MTBF measures vs. Downtime tracking- what’s the difference?
Exponentially Weighted Moving Averages and Standard Deviations how and why?
The Value of Trending Historized Variable Data
The Dynamic Machine Cycle Timing Chart- what is it and how to make one?
Is all data corrupt?
Simple filtering methods to eliminate noise from a stream of data
Autonomous Maintenance for Programmers
When is data a bad thing?
The power of animation to explain a complex process
Is inventory/surge/accumulation a good thing or a bad thing?
Simple vs. Complex- Which is really easier to design?
When Checklists Don’t Work
When is it time to close the loop?

Feel free to comment and ask questions- I welcome your suggestions and feedback!

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