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Data Overload

Over ten years ago, I was asked to explain how I was using data to improve results.  How do I think about what is important and where should one start?  The presentation I developed is pasted below: The Use of … Continue reading

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The Machine Cycle

In many modern manufacturing improvement systems the Machine Cycle Chart is a key ingredient in helping the operation understand how equipment works.  The idea is this: every machine or process runs in some sort of cycle.  In some equipment this … Continue reading

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The Powerpoint Movie- Part 1

Have you ever tried to explain a simple concept to someone about how something changes over time, but the other person couldn’t grasp what you were saying?  How about drawing a sketch and trying to show how something moves?  What … Continue reading

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Trap Time to Optimze Speed

One simple programming technique I like to use in PLC logic is what I call the “trap timer.”  Maybe there’s a better name, but I’ve often written code for various reasons to “trap” issues- saving a key piece of information … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Stops

I recently had a former co-worker stop by my office with a question.  He had transferred away to a new assignment at another factory in our company.  His new factory had a lot of older equipment, mostly hard-wired control and … Continue reading

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Stop Causes and Recovering from Stops

Recently, I was asked to put together a presentation for Invensys, a software company that we use at my plant.  I’ve worked with a wide variety of data in my career and wanted to share something meaningful with this group. … Continue reading

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